About Us


Drone Starlight is a full-service aerial photography and video production company specializing in drone technology. We have over 10 years of experience in the business world, and we are highly skilled at helping you to create compelling visuals that tell your story

Our team has been featured on ArtWeek, ArtBase, New York Weekly, LA Wire, NY Wire, The American Reporter, Houston Chronicle, and others. Drone Starlight offers services for advertising agencies, marketing firms or any enterprise looking to differentiate themselves from their competition through high quality video content that is captured with innovative drone technology.

Our award-winning team will work with you to develop an assets list based on your needs and budget so you can rest easily knowing Drone Starlight will produce quality media no matter what your market needs are.


“Hotels and b&b pages with at least one photo on their website (compared to properties that had none) saw customer engagement levels lifted by 138%. Even more dramatically, just one photo led to the likelihood of a booking inquiry rising by 225%.”

Trip Advisor

“A new breed of tech-savvy travelers has emerged in recent years, and they expect hotels to be keeping up with technology. Even older generations are now well-versed in the use of social media and mobile devices, two things that are vital considerations for hoteliers.”

Site minder, guest experience in hotels: how to achieve complete customer satisfaction (including covid-19 tips)

“Aerial photography for your listings creates higher perceived value for both your potential future guests. Can you miss out?“

Social Media Today, 8 Benefits of Drone Video for Businesses

Our Team

Elizabeth Sheridan


Beth Sheridan has helped launch, build, and grow several successful startups, and brings her deep entrepreneurial experience to the company. Prior to founding Drone Starlight, Beth founded two successful fine art photography companies and a business coaching consultancy.
Her work experience includes over 20 years in the aerospace industry working on projects developing human-rated space vehicles and space suits.
Beth brings her international-award winning photography and her aerospace background together with Drone Starlight to help businesses elevate their market positions.
Beth earned a Bachelor of Arts in from Thomas Edison State College, a Master of Science in Systems Engineering from George Washington University, and a Juris Doctor from Penn State University.
Beth was born in Hammond, IN, and was put in foster care shortly after. She was adopted as an infant and grew up in Texas. She has studied in Spain and Ireland before settling back in Texas, where she lives with her husband.